Our Tilshead depot currently have a Fritzmeier Isaria in the show room for sale, and for demonstration.

We scan and map using a Fritzmeier Isaria Biomass sensor. This is mounted on the front of a tractor and can scan the crop as the tractor or selp-propelled sprayer is driven along the tramlines, giving a biomass or green area index map.

This map can be viewed using our mapping software to show in-field variations of crop density and therefore yield potential. From this data we can generate a variable rate spreading file and the customer can choose which parts of the field get more or less fertiliser. This system can also be programmed to use historical yield data to support decisions to apply higher rates.

This machine can also be used to ground-truth the less reliable satellite images that are available from other sources.

The Isaria offers a precise and intelligent measurement and fertilising system, making it possible to achieve a specifically tailored site-specific nitrogen balance, potentially saving money and increasing yield!
If you would like further information or to book a demonstration, please contact Chris Argyle at Chilbolton: 01264 860 532