Le Chameau

Le Chameau

R.Hunt Ltd's Chilbolton depot are pleased to announce that they are now stocking Le Chameau wellington Boots.

It is over eighty years since Le Chameau first began hand-making premium quality, natural rubber boots at their factory in northern France. Thus steeped in tradition and yet at the forefront of technology, the name Le Chameau is truly synonymous with excellence; excellence in materials, excellence in design and excellence in manufacture.

It takes nine months of intense training to become a Le Chameau boot-maker. Nine months to acquire the unique skills which have been passed down through generations, from master to apprentice, so that the wearer has the assurance of a boot hand made with the same care and craftsmanship that they were over 80 years ago.

Items instock include the:

  • Ceres Neo in dark green
  • Ceres Cotton in dark green
  • Chasseurnord in green
  • Vierzonord in green
  • and the Country Vibram in Green.

For further informaiton  regarding Le Chameau please contact the Parts Department at Chilbolton on: +44(0)1264 860 532 or complete the form below.