NSTS Testing

NSTS Testing

R.Hunt Ltd are offering NSTS testing for all brands and models of sprayer at a cost of £10.00 + VAT per meter, and £35.55 + VAT for the certificate. 

NSTS testing has become an important aspect within UK agriculture since 2003 and a main pillar of the Voluntary Initiative.  These tests are required by Red Tractor Farm Assurance Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet Scheme (formerly ACCS), supermarket protocols, and also the Sustainable Use Directive

Prior to completing the NSTS test, the machine needs to be in a clean condition, washed both inside and out, and filled with clean water. The PTO will need to be fully guarded before the test can commence.

The test consists of 47 test items, the first 30 of which must be satisfied to receive a pass certificate. The subsequent 10 are advisory and the final 7 are optional test elements.  

If the machine fails the initial test, then a re-test will be completed free of charge (subject to repairs being completed by R.Hunt Ltd).

In addition it is recommended that computer control systems are checked to maximize efficiency and to satisfy the calibration element of crop assurance schemes.

At successful conclusion of the test the examiner will provide a completed test report form, which should be kept with your crop assurance folder, he will also fix a uniquely numbered sticker to the machine stating that the machine has passed and the date of the test.

A copy of the test report form is returned to the NSTS where its details are entered onto a database of all machines tested and their owners, this information is made available to crop assurance schemes and other bodies for verification purposes.

To qualify for National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) points, you must be present for the complete test and provide the relevant forms for the technician to sign.

To book your NSTS test, please contact the Service Manager at your local dealer.